Malaysian Medical Association Malaysian Medical Association Congress 2023
 09th - 11th June 2023
  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

MMA Pre-Congress Forum

Debate and Discussions from distinguished speakers

Under Or Over Regulated Primary Healthcare

Date : 4th June 2023 (Sunday)
Time : 4.30PM - 7.30PM

Venue : Virtual Platform


Topics For Discussion :

1. Why there is different standards and interpretation at each state when setting up new clinics ?

2. The current process of registering is taking atleast 5-6 months , many of these young GPs have to fork out so much money in the 6 months ? How can CKAPS improvise these process ?

3. While registered medical practitioners practicing at PHFSA registered clinics are being seen as micromanaged , on the other hand pharmacist are even providing audiometry services , blood screening openly ? How is CKAPS going to address it ?

1. There is no clarity in advertisement . We are seeing many non medical advertising health screening packages . How is these being addressed so that the patients safety is not compromised ?

2. To what level can clinic use social media like FB to advertise without infringing the law ?

3. In the modern era, electronic advertisement is used widely , what are the simple guidelines ?


PSD ( Pharmaceutical Services Dept )

1. Different enforcement personal has different interpretation of law . How can we know in a simple terms when faced by the authorities ?

2. Is routine inspection done nationwide and are clinics being notified before an inspection like some states ?

3. What are the major n minor offences done in a GP clinic ?


Speakers :

1. Mr. Abdul Halim bin Abu Naim
Senior Principle Assistant Director
(Licensing Subdivision)


2. Ms Umadevi Krishna
Senior Principle Assistant Director
(Advertising Control Subdivision)


3.Ms Ratnawati Osman
Vice President


4. Ms Hui Min
AVP Affinity